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GRITLETIC Boxing Pads- 12.4 Ounces Pair Of Black, Curved Adjustable Muay Thai Punching Boxing Mitts- High Quality Martial Arts Training Equipment For Men, Women And Kids

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We’re a team of fighting fanatics who have built a brand for warriors. We’ve worked with countless boxing professionals and mixed martial artists to design and build the most durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and sports gear.

Enhance your accuracy and power using our ultra-quality MMA focus mitts. Their countless features include:

  • Impeccable curved design gives perfect mold for every hand, provides greater utility by avoiding injuries and letting punches land straight on the target.
  • Fashioned with PU leather gives advantages of original leather, resilient to scratches, easy to clean and does not crack under sweaty trainings.
  • Dense cushioning of Sun-Tec foam makes them soft, highly comfortable and lighter on hands to hold tough sessions for a longer period of time.
  • Half ball palm grip along with adjustable Velcro strap gives snug fit to endure powerful punches without straining your hand.
  • Breathable open figure design gives strong grip and avoids slippage by keeping moisture and sweat out during training sessions.
  • Why to wait? Invest now to witness world class boxer’s training experience with all ease and comfort.

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