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We’re a team of fighting fanatics who have built a brand for warriors. We’ve worked with countless boxing professionals and mixed martial artists to design and build the most durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and sports gear.

Gritletic Boxing & MMA Gloves Our gloves are versatile and can be used not only for boxing but also for MMA, Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, fitness and much more. The long, curved design allows for proper punching and maximum performance.

We built our gloves with three goals in mind: Durability, Comfort, Aesthetics. We used premium PU leather and double stitching to last through countless sparring sessions. The durable and adjustable wrist protects again injuries. The double layer of EVA padding is shock-absorbing and allows for maximum impact. And, we’ve added ventilation in the palms to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

→ Premium quality faux leather
→ Double stitching for longer durability
→ Long curved fit for proper punching
→ Double layer EVA foam padding for fist protection and max shock absorption
→ Ventilated palms for sweat-free hands during a workout
→ Extra sturdy wrist construction to support the wrist
→ Protective thumb lock
→ Adjustable fit Velcro wrist strap
→ Includes a storage bag
→ 30-day guarantee

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