Boxing Mitts-Black


Gritletic Boxing Mitts

We’re a team of fighting fanatics who have built a brand for warriors. We’ve worked with countless boxing professionals and mixed martial artists to design and build the most durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and sports gear.

  • ✅ Perfect Strikes | The arc of these punching mitts much like the natural curve of the hand, focuses the speed and power of the striker on the centre ensuring precise and efficient strikes, while the excellent quality ensures the wearer’s comfortability
  • ✅ Rugged and resilient | Crafted with PU leather, these training pads ensure longevity and ease of cleaning while the 2.0 inches compressed foam inside provides comfort; These non-tear able mitts will give a smooth snug fit and withstand strong strikes without cracking
  • ✅ Power to grip | This essential boxing gear is designed with a half ball palm grip that seamlessly fits into the contouring of any hand. Easily adjustable and customizable Velcro strap gives a natural extended arm feel and avoids any possible injuries
  • ✅ Well Ventilated five finger design | The ergonomically designed inner breathable lining keeps the palm and fingers sweat-free, warranting total grip and control with zero slippage while taking strikes
  • ✅ Train like a pro and conquer the ring | No need to hit the gym to perfect your strikes, when you have the boxing equipment for training at home, which is the choice of world-class boxers and martial arts athletes


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