We Live To Help Train You

Gritletic is all about aesthetics, sports and lifestyle gear for natural warriors.
We started our journey in 2018 to create a perfect brand for mixed martial artists and boxers so we can meet their demands of delivering flawless products that they craved for. We are a team of fighting fanatics that has built a brand for real warriors, who wish to radiate strength, dedication, authenticity and individuality by wearing our insignia, Gritletic.
We’ve worked with countless of boxing professionals and mixed martial art gurus to come up with the most reliable, most durable, yet aesthetically pleasing gear and wear for the warriors.
And we continue to learn from our customers’ feedback on how to fine-tune our products so we can over-deliver and surpass their expectations. Because, you know da wae better than us.
Based in Houston, USA; we’re working with some of the most talented individuals that come up with ingenious and creative ideas to bring life to our products – to bring life to your aesthetics.

So, try us out. You’ll never go back. That’s a promise!

We Live To Help Train You

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